1. I’m really excited about this video series. But it terrifies me to realize that I am one of the most normal eaters I know and I still have all KINDS of food issues. I don’t know a single person that isn’t dieting or thinking about dieting (or “losing weight”) and constantly worrying/talking/thinking about food and how good/bad/healthy/unhealthy any certain food item might or might not be. That’s… mind-blowing.

    Can’t wait for video 2!

    1. TELL ME ABOUT IT! It is terrifying, but all we can do is be powers of example, and take responsibility for healing our own food to the best of our ability. (AT least that’s step one…next is revolution lol). Excited to hear your thoughts on Video #2! xox iz

  2. I just read your article on Refinery29, and it made me want to sign up! I really like the idea of intuitive eating, and I’m going to try to start doing it like right now! I’m super excited for your next video! Thanks!

    1. Woohoooo!!! SO glad to hear that Gabi!! That was a really fun article to write, and if you enjoyed it, you’re definitely gonna love the other videos in this series 🙂 Can’t wait for you to see the rest! Vid 2 comes out this Sunday 🙂 Talk soon! xox isabel

  3. I’m really excited about this series. I’ve been working with a personal trainer for the last 4/5 months and if anything its made me crazier about food. The tracking/trying to get macros right on/the having to email my food diary to him has made me question every food choice and pushed me further into that ‘good food/bad food’ mindset. I’ve just cancelled my pt and could not have found this video at a better time, so thankyou

    1. Hi Lyn! I’m SO glad to hear that this is finding you at a time when you need it! Unfortunately most PT/nutrition services are shared in a pretty crazy-making way and this series is meant to help reverse that. Can’t wait for you to see the next video 🙂 Enjoy! xox isabel

  4. This video….just brilliant… with what SHOULD be evident to each and every one of us ‘tuning’ you in. Food for thought…REGULAR thought…around food.

    I wish you would come and preach your wise, sane approach to normalcy around food here in France…refreshing and empowering…Thank you for your intelligent words!

  5. Wonderful, practical, focused, I will be sharing this with my clients. We are in a cultural trance around food, and I have a friend who thinks the restrictive/control mindset with the ever increasing list of food that are associated with low or high status (as in:she is a raw vegan, ergo, better than me, more spiritual than me etc.) is actually another form of anorexia. Keep going! I look forward to seeing where you go with this. Kristyn

    1. Krystyn, the eating behaviour you talk about IS actually gaining recognition as a type of eating disorder, called ORTHOREXIA, although it is not yet diagnostically recognized. It sounds a lot like the rise of ultra-healthy eating you mention: (from the National Eating Disorders Association website): “Those who have an “unhealthy obsession” with otherwise healthy eating may be suffering from “orthorexia nervosa,” a term which literally means “fixation on righteous eating.” Orthorexia starts out as an innocent attempt to eat more healthfully, but orthorexics become fixated on food quality and purity. They become consumed with what and how much to eat, and how to deal with “slip-ups.” An iron-clad will is needed to maintain this rigid eating style. Every day is a chance to eat right, be “good,” rise above others in dietary prowess, and self-punish if temptation wins (usually through stricter eating, fasts and exercise). Self-esteem becomes wrapped up in the purity of orthorexics’ diet and they sometimes feel superior to others, especially in regard to food intake.”
      When I was in group therapy recovering from binge eating disorder I noticed a number of recovering anorexics taking to an eating style like this, justifying it as “just healthy eating” and not seeing that it was merely continuing the rigidity and restriction.

  6. Very Good in feed. Now I feel kind of difficult to think in another way than dieting but it worth a try

    1. Hi Marcela! It’s definitely not easy to change our thinking (after all, most of us have been practicing “diet thinking” for SO LONG — thoughts and beliefs are hard to break). But you’re right…it IS worth a try. Because dieting definitely isn’t getting us anywhere and we’ve been trying that long enough… Hope you like the next video! xoxox Isabel

  7. Oh my! I loved this video!! Story of my life right here… I have been trying to control my weight with a diet for a long time and that would be me in the jar of peanut butter or eating ice cream when no one is looking! I have weird food habits and issues.. My goal is to be a normal eater and get my sanity and life back! This video Nailed it! I am feeling so thankful that I have come across your videos! ❤️❤️❤️

    1. Wooohoooo!!! YES!! Sanity is what it’s all about 🙂 And interestingly enough, when we feel sane/rational/”normal” around food, our behaviors usually chill out and begin to look more “normal” as well. Can’t wait to hear your thoughts on Video #2! xoxox Isabel

    1. Hi Yesenia! The Master Class is a 4-month group coaching program open to students who dig this series, and want to go through a more intensive program to overcome these issues. All the details about the MC will be released on September 24th (when registration opens), so if you’re interested, just keep an eye out for an email from me then! And feel free to email with any questions you may have about the program once it’s out this coming Thursday. Talk soon! xoxox Isabel

  8. I notices a lot of fear came up for me around food once I learned I had allergies to wheat, soy and peanuts. That brought on a huge mindset of having to eat everything I found that was “safe” for me and also scared of food. Scared of going out to eat and what could be “contaminated” A lot of fear and then I noticed “emotional eating” has become a way for me. I truly don;t recognize myself around food anymore. I was actually the opposite and never turned to food for comfort or distraction. 🙁 Thanks for starting this series. I’m so happy to have found it and to start learning what to do about this ..

    1. So glad you’re here Colleen! Restriction and “fear of food” (which is very well put) is exactly what triggers emotional eating behaviors in most people — so it makes sense that those behaviors didn’t creep up for you until that point in your life. Keep watching! There is most certainly out of the craziness! oxoxox Isabel

  9. I want to tell every woman I know about this website. Your message feels like finally hearing a truth I’ve been evading for years.

    I’m unbelievably grateful to have found this. Thank you so, so much!

    1. Hi Lauren!! I’m so glad this work resonates with you! I certainly felt that way when I discovered this approach almost 10 years ago and my life has never been the same. Stay tuned! SO much more to come on this journey 🙂 xoxox Isabel

  10. Hi Isabel! You foxen rocksin’ 🙂

    I used to be very picky about what I ate when I was younger, but I actually ate a lot all the same and I was fit and healthy. Then I got crazy and went anorexic for five years…then recovery…went from stick thin to overweight in the space of a year, eek! I always felt like I had a weird relationship with eating even when I was healthy and slim. I have now discovered I have hypothyroidism, apparently congenital – so that’s why I’ve always had weird cravings because my hormones have never been in balance! Starving, dieting, over exercising and resultant bingeing have all mashed up everything much worse very quickly so now I am finding it impossible to shift any weight. Of course this makes me want to get even crazier and then I stopped and thought, “but this is what caused the problem in the first place.” I am working on combining eating what I want with choosing healthy foods and it is working very nicely. My body seems to know exactly what it needs as long as I just listen to it! I am hoping to get on thyroid meds soon to sort the underlying problem, because I now understand that no amount of diet and exercising is going to be sustainable or cure an inherent condition. Sorry for the essay – just wanted to inform people that sometimes it is something more serious and you could be making it worse by following the conventional advice, as WELL as making yourself miserable! Eat the food until you’re full and live your life to the full! Thank you for being an awesome example of a human being xxx

    1. Thanks for sharing your story!! Totally agree — dieting isn’t ONLY crazy-making, it can also be physically dangerous! Sounds like you’re doing really well (I’m also a big advocate of intuitive eating / listening to that beautiful bod!) Keep it up! xoxox iz

  11. I literally do not know anyone who is a “normal” eater. Even the men I know are constantly obsessed with carb vs protein, calories, caffeine, sugar etc. I don’t know how we can eat normally…just today I was watching tv and there was a commercial for Weight Watchers immediately followed by a Twix commercial, followed by a commercial sponsored by Pepsi and Coke telling people how to eat a healthy diet that includes sodas. It seems like everywhere I turn someone is telling me how to eat, demonizing some food (sugar, butter, meat) or pushing the next new “miracle food” (kale, coconut oil). I remember being 4 years old and drinking Slim Fast with my mom. How can people not be crazy about food? I’m excited about your program – I really hope it helps 🙂

    1. Hi Cocoa! UGH OMG IT IT SO CRAZY OUT THERE! The diet-food culture we live in is totally overwhelming, and there are fewer and fewer “normies” out there as time goes on (but I promise there are some left! And more and more women are giving diets the middle finger and adopting a more sane approach to food and body, so that’s exciting to watch. PS I totally relate to pounding slim fasts shakes with my mother when I was little — I definitely made my own in a blender with that strange slim fast space-food-style powder lol. Anyway, I’m so glad you’re excited about the program — I think you’re gonna learn a ton! Can’t wait to hear your thoughts on Video #2 🙂 Talk soon! xoxo Isabel

  12. I really enjoyed watching the video. It really made me see how focused I am on eating, trying to control my eating and being disgusted with myself for eating/binging I am at all times. It is exhausting. I’m just hoping the series is not a ton of money somewhere down the road. I definitely need to change my thinking because I have not been successful at changing my eating . Thanks ?

    1. Hi Kat! I’m so glad you enjoyed Video #1 and that it resonated with your experience — the diet/binge cycle IS exhausting, and I hope the next two videos in this series are enlightening to you as well. While I do offer paid programs to people interested in deeper work with me (this is my job after all!) this particular series is meant to be helpful and informative in and of itself for FREE, as a gift for those who can’t afford or simply don’t want to pay for further work with me. Also, after the series is done, I offer free coaching emails on an ongoing basis, so you won’t be left high and dry regardless of whether or not you choose to take any of my paid programs. I get emails from women everyday telling me that their lives have been changed dramatically through my free offerings alone — and I hope you’re one of them some day! Hope that’s helpful and answers your question! I think you’re going to learn a lot from the next two free vids and I can’t wait to hear what you think of them 🙂

      1. Thanks for your reply! I looked into some of you other offerings and signed up for the emails and information on coaching. I am looking forward to the rest of the videos! I really relate to you descriptions. I am not against spending money to help myself but I have spent so much money on “answers” (that haven’t worked) that I have cut myself off from spending more! BUT….we will see! Thanks 🙂 I’m really happy I found this! Looking forward to Sunday.

        1. So glad! And I completely understand how frustrating it is to spend countless dollars on “solutions” (specifically weight loss solutions, which is what I was usually after in the past) that don’t work — because the truth is, very few of them, if any of them, do work for more than a tiny, tiny fraction of people and usually for a very short period of time. I’m not sure if this applies to you, because I’m not sure what you’re definition of success is exactly, but I know that when I changed my definition of success — away from Weight Loss with a capital WL, and towards sanity, peace of mind, freedom from compulsive behaviors, etc. things got a lot easier! If that resonates with you, hope it’s helpful! Either way, hope you enjoy video #2! xoxox Isabel

  13. I just want to give you a big hug right now. You just spoke exactly how I feel on a daily basis. I am beyond excited and hopeful for this journey with you. Thank you!

    PS It’s sad, but I am not sure I know anyone who eats normally and doesn’t obsess with every little thing they put in their mouth! I will have to think hard on this 🙂

    1. Hi Julie! Sounds like you’re in the right place! I’m so excited that you’ve found this work 🙂 You are certainly not alone in feeling isolated in this though, and and not knowing many (if any!) “normal eaters.” Diet thinking is usually something we learn from the people and culture around us, so our friends and family often fit the bill. Also, when we’re in diet mode ourselves, we tend to notice diet-thinking in others more often because it validates our own beliefs and actions. That being said, you might start to notice “normies” more often now that you’re looking for them. As you pursue more “normal” thinking around food and body yourself (which I’d love to teach you about!) you’ll also start to attract more “normal eaters” into your life AND hopefully will develop a greater community that shares your values 🙂 This is a much bigger conversation of course, but I thought I’d leave you with this thought for now. Talk soon! xoxo isabel

  14. This video/the blogs are inspiring and powerful and really give me hope. Truthfully, I just cried through a lot of it so I’ve had to re-watch and re-read a few times. The scariest part of what you’re saying for me; how do you give up paying attention to WHAT you’re eating without gaining tons of weight? Have you ever felt totally defeated, like feeling good inside is just not in your stars-no matter what you do? How do you stop binge eating or stop thinking about what you are putting in your body? Thinking about stopping the thinking is starting to hurt my brain.

    1. Hi Delilah! Sounds like you’re in the right place 🙂 It can be really overwhelming to learn about this stuff after dieting and trying to control for so long, but addressing our hardships with food and getting clear on how diets have failed us is absolutely the first step. I think your question will be at least partially answered by the next two videos in the series (so get ready!) but in the meantime, I’d like to pose this question to you: is obsessing and constantly trying to control yourself around food successfully keeping you from binge-eating right now? That is, is obsessing successfully keeping your weight DOWN? Or is it simply triggering more binge-eating than maybe you would be doing if you actually allowed yourself to eat what you want without guilt, shame or fear. Is it possible that all that control is actually working against you? That it’s actually causing more binges in the long run? Something to think about… 🙂

      1. Hi Isabel. So I have had a few days to apply the approach that you are teaching and I’ve lived guilt free without fear of food. It’s kind of amazing. I’m not a sweets person but after getting married, I became one. My husband brought me chocolate cake the other night. I took two bites and I was done. It wasn’t “amazing” but it hit the spot. In the past, I would have ate the whole thing just because, well I don’t know. I can’t really say but I do know even if it had been that exact same piece a week ago, I would have ate all of it in one sitting and then felt ill and then felt bad. I was watching a movie too so it was crazy to me that I just took two bites and was like, “meh, I’m good”. I got my fix and it satisfied my craving just like that. It was magical. I’ve obsessed and fought with my husband about food since we’ve been married; toting the health of our children as my regard for green smoothies and vegetarian dinners. Just from the short time I’ve been reading your stuff and watching your videos, for the first time I’ve realized I have a major pattern: obsess/control food for me and family=fighting and stress=eventually “give in” and have a “cheat night”=weeks of “cheating”=feeling bad/guilty/crying=the “i’ll start eating right tomorrow”. And the cycle keeps going over and over. I’m done. I’ve spread the words to all of my girlfriends/anyone I know struggling with their fight with food. We all cannot wait to learn more. Thank you for what you are doing. I have hope.

        1. Hi Delilah! Wooooohooooo!!! Thank you so much for being here and sharing your story! THAT IS AWESOME NEWS! It is amazing what gifts come from physical and emotional ALLOWANCE around food — which really is our natural state as humans (in a pre-diet-industry world). Keep up the good work, and keep me posted if you have any questions going forward! xoxox Isabel

  15. This is great and just what I need! I have read the book intuitive eating and it was awesome and I felt great until as you have stated in one of your blogs already.. the hungry/ satisfied thing started to become a rule.. And when I chose to snack when I wasn’t all that hungry the diet mentality started coming back.. I’m here to quit that mentality once and for all and to completely banish my “obsession” with food! Thank you.

    1. Wooohoooo!! You’re definitely in the right place Vanessa! Diet mentality can creep up no matter what we’re attempting with food — and true peace around food comes from changing what’s in our minds, not what’s on our plates 🙂 Hope you like Video 2 when it comes out on Sunday! xoxo iz

  16. This is a super great video series so far. It’s true — so many of us (and especially women) have this fucked up relationship with food. I mean, I LOVE food. And I don’t think there’s anything wrong with me thinking (actually, obsessing) about the recipes I’m excited to make when I meal-plan for the week or how good my lunch/dinner/etc is going to taste. What probably IS wrong is when I’m invited out for pizza, and I feel incredibly guilty for eating all those “carbs”. Or how when I’m craving sweets and don’t allow myself to have any… unless no one is looking.

    The thing is, it’s hard for me to know what’s healthy. I honestly never dieted until a few years ago (I’m 27 now) but throughout high school and university and a few years afterwards, I was overweight. I never restricted myself but I ended up eating a lot of processed food (chips, takeout, ice cream every single night, etc). The thing is, I never felt “guilty” about any of this at the time. But I didn’t look or feel good. Think 20 – 30 lbs more than my frame should have been carrying, acne years beyond when it should have stopped, DAILY heartburn/acid reflux/gas, and so on.

    Thinking about it now, that probably wasn’t intuitive eating either even though (honestly!) I had no shame or guilt about eating the way I did. I did have shame about my body but I didn’t think it had anything to do with my food — I thought at the time that it it was just crappy genetics.

    Fast forward to a few years ago, when I discovered paleo. That’s when I discovered that food actually does make a difference in how you look. And you know what? This diet worked for me. I lost a lot of weight, my skin cleared up, the heartburn/acid reflux/gas went away.

    However, anytime I “slipped up” (i.e. had some form of sugar or carbs, like pizza or a piece of cake), I just felt AWFUL. Like I’d destroyed everything. And this definitely led to some binges and regaining weight/acne.

    It’s hard for me to be “intuitive” about my eating since I feel like that’s what I did in high school (just because I had no shame about it)… and I worry about my weight all the time. I don’t think I’m small enough now and I definitely don’t want to be as big as I was then. So I feel like if I let go of any control, I’ll just be fat.

    For the past two months, I’ve been doing better. What I’ve been doing is cooking about 90% of my meals. They’re always tasty and delicious, and I’ve been trying all sorts of new recipes, even if sometimes they include something “forbidden” (in my mind) like grains.

    I’ve actually gone down a pant size over these last two months… though I still feel like it’s not enough. But I don’t want to go into that cycle of completely paleo or completely off-the-wagon again. And I still have guilt about non-carb choices. I guess I just feel like I can’t be completely normal. Like, if I don’t meal plan, then I’ll just eat all the bad choices and gain all that weight again.

    Anyway… ramble over. TLDR — your videos resonate with me and I also have a fucked up relationship with food.

    1. Hi Vicki! You’re bringing up a lot of really important and common questions — you’re definitely not alone in many of your thoughts and feels! There’s a lot to discuss re: making “healthful” choices without restricting, etc. but in the meantime, I hope you like the rest of the series! Hope to talk soon 🙂 xoxo Isabel

  17. Thank you for giving me reason for hope of moving beyond my food/weight obsession. It was like you were speaking about me and my challenges. You clearly get it. I appreciate your down to earth approach, and the shift in how to look at and approach the problem. I am looking forward to the next two videos!

    1. Thanks Kathie! I’m so glad this video resonated with you — you’re certainly not alone in dealing with this, and I’m thrilled to have given you some hope that there IS a way out. Thanks for your kind words and I can’t wait to hear your thoughts on Videos #2 and #3 when they come out. Be in touch soon! xoxo Isabel

  18. This video spoke to me on so many levels! Thank you! I am seriously crazy around food — and so envious of those who aren’t. After about 20 years of yo-yo dieting, I am finally becoming more peaceful with my body and myself, but am realizing that my relationship with food is something that is the opposite of peaceful — it’s totally harshing my mellow. Gotta figure this out! Anxious for video #2 — thank you!!!

    1. Hi Mary! You’re definitely not alone in that feeling! So glad you stumbled upon this series and I Can’t wait to hear your thoughts on Video #2 — it’s my personal favorite 🙂 Talk soon! xoxo Isabel

  19. This video intrigues me. I didn’t get through all the comments yet but was wondering if this series is made for ‘serial dieters’ or if people with serious food issues. I know someone who has been a purger (having small binges then purge; but not daily) for years and fits this to a T.

    1. Good question. This series (or any of my programs, coaching, writings, etc.) is NOT a substitute for clinical treatment of eating disorders, and I urge anyone who is purging to seek treatment from a licensed mental health professional or physician ASAP.

  20. you are my spirit animal!!!! and your laugh ??????? makes me want to laugh!!! already watched the video three times and can’t wait for the next one today!! oh and i went to yoga TOPLESS again whoohooo! feeling like i’m finally making some progress. thank you Isabel!!!

  21. Thank you so much for taking your own time and resources to provide us with these incredible messages. The fact that you are giving away this service for free says a lot about you and your passion to help cure this epidemic. Kuddos to you!

    I saw that the website says that “enrollment for the master class begins on the 24th”. Is the master class the same thing as the coaching program? A while back I made the terrible mistake of declining a spot for coaching that had become available after I was on your waitlist for a while. I convinced myself that I didn’t need to spend money to learn how to “not diet”. What I really needed was to be better about a diet and really make myself commit to it once and for all!!!. I mean come on, I am a very intelligent and educated critical care nurse who helps to save lives at work everyday. Surely I can make myself stop eating Jack in the Box until I want to puke, right??? Even though I have been fighting this battle for 18 years I still believe that tomorrow, or Monday, or after vacation I am really going to do it this time!
    Truthfully I think I got so paralyzed by fear that I convinced myself this time I would be able to do it. “If I let go of trying to control food I am going to gain so much weight”. Since I already prevent myself from living the life that I deserve, due to being overweight, the idea of more weight is really scary. So I let that fear take over any rational thoughts I was having.
    The very next week I knew that I had made a terrible decision and put myself right back on the waitlist. I can’t remember exactly when that was but I believe it was February or March. The irony is I wasn’t willing to do what I should have done for myself, put myself and my mental, emotional, and physical health first because I was worried that it would “set me back” yet here I am 6-8 months later probably 10 pounds heavier, definitely just as miserable, if not worse, and feel like I’ve just lost another 6 months of my life. The next time the opportunity for a spot becomes available I will not let is pass by. I am committed to having a normal relationship with food and know that I will never be able to live the life that I want and deserve until I am able to do that. Until that time though I will continue to read your blog and watch your videos. So truly, thank you for giving us, me, these resources!

    1. Hi Kelly! Thanks for writing in and thank you so much for the kind words! We all come to this work when we’re ready for it, and it sounds like you’re finally there 🙂 I would LOVE to have you in the Master Class this year (which is my signature group coaching program and my favorite program to run!). Details and registration open up on Thursday, so keep an eye out on your email then. Also, I know that letting go of diets is super super scary, but just remember, what’s the alternative? Eating Jack in the Box until you’re sick is probably not making you any thinner 😉 Can’t wait to have you in the program this year! If you have any questions when the program comes out, feel free to email me at and either myself or my assistant will get back to you right away! Talk soon! xoxox Isabel

  22. You had me in your first sentence… I was x months old when my mom put me on a diet. That’s exactly how I always start my story. I was in 3rd grade the first time my mom took me to Weight Watchers. I too was chunky and she was doing what she thought was best… In 1978. That started my story that’s exactly like yours.

    Sign me up now. Don’t need the third video. Don’t care what it costs.

    1. Hi Tiffany! Sounds like we DO have a similar story, and our poor mothers were only trying their best. It would be an honor to have you in the Master Class and re-wire some of those old thinking patterns we learned as kids. Registration opens on Thursday, so keep an eye out for your email then! Can’t wait to meet you! xoxox Isabel

  23. Hi Isabel!

    I love the thoughts you express here, tots dead on with my issues and I can’t wait to try learning a new way to think about my relationship with food, thanks for sharing it with us!

    I have a question concerning how to get out of restrictive & control focused thinking when you have been diagnosed with an autoimmune disorder and have high allergic reactions to foods like dairy, gluten, soy, cane sugar, oats, cranberries, shellfish and a bunch more, which my doctor says I have to avoid or it will make my condition worse. It’s hard to not feel deprived when you are automatically left out of so much. Whole aisles at the grocery store are off limits and so many social moments in our society are centered around food; the restaurant your friend picked for her birthday that you can’t eat anything on the menu or the pastries someone brings to the meeting etc.

    Any thoughts or encouragement would be helpful! Thanks so much! I’m excited to check out the other videos.

    1. Hi Kristy! That’s a really great question, and one I talk about with clients a lot. It will probably always be slightly annoying to have medical restrictions around food (I’m allergic to gluten, for instance, and it’s definitely irritating sometimes that I can’t just eat whatever happens to be served at a dinner party), BUT I don’t feel totally crazy around it anymore, and I don’t binge-eat in reaction to it anymore. It’s a minor annoyance now (as I think allergies are for most “normal” eaters), rather than something that can make or break my day. There are few mindset shifts that really make the difference here (that are in alignment with my whole philosophy around food, just communicated in a slightly different way for people with allergies), which I discuss in depth in my coaching programs, and I have written about a few times in my weekly coaching emails. Here’s one of the blog posts I put out on this topic, but there are certainly a few more in the arsenal as well!

  24. Hi,
    I saw this series on FB. How can I have it sent to my e-mail so I know when new things come out?

  25. Really good and made so much sense. How can I save these videos so I can watch them over. I’m worried incase they get deleted from my emails

    1. Hi Elaine! So glad the vids have been helpful! At the moment the videos are not available for download, but we will be sending reminder emails with the video link several times between now and October 14th, which is when the series officially ends. You can watch the videos as often as you’d like between now and then! More resources to come via email as well. Talk soon! xoxox Isabel

  26. I’m so glad I found you Isabel!! After seeing your video series featured on Stefani Ruper’s blog and Facebook page I immediately searched for more resources, finding several of your Youtube videos along the way (some of which were hilarious!) as well as some podcasts and articles which were so insightful and wonderful and really resonated with me.

    I feel like I’ve been going in circles in my relationship with food, constantly looking for the latest diet, supplement or weight loss plan that will finally end the endless cycle of weight loss and gain that has been ongoing for as long as I can remember. In just under a week I’ve already seen small shifts in my thinking and approach to food and have noticed that the urge to binge on sweets especially after dinner has greatly reduced. I can’t wait for your 3rd video to come out and I am all ready to sign up for your master class!

    Keep doing what you’re doing Isabel, your message needs to be heard by all!

    1. Thank you Shalayne!! I’m SO glad to hear that the videos and (other work!) is resonating with you and helping you already! I know when I discovered these ideas it felt like such a breath of fresh air. I was so tired of dieting and ready to end the crazy cycle — it sounds like you’re in a similar place. Can’t wait to hear your thoughts on Video #3! I would absolutely LOVE to have you in the Master Class and get you fully to the other side of this 🙂 Talk soon! So happy to meet you! xoxox Isabel

  27. In response to the first video, I can only think of children under 5 being the most normal eaters I know.

    You have helped myself and my sister, whom I thought was nearly a hopeless case- the emotional issue was taking over her life.

    God bless you :] You’re a gift.

    1. Thank you Cc!! That means a lot and I’m so glad my work has been helpful 🙂 Although it is sad how ‘normal eaters’ are so few and far between these days…all due to the crazy diet culture we live in. Hopefully we can change that! One human at a time 😉

  28. This made me cry and I am a runner and a cyclist. This was nice to listen to. Thank you. Hope you can help people learn better self control. Plus, your videos are a good start to a better lifestyle and food choices just by listening to them.


  29. I am planning on starting the Paleo Diet do you consider this restrictive? I have heard that it is good for mood disorders. I have suffered with Bipolar Disorder for many years.

  30. I listened to your videos 2x and felt HOPE. Scrolled through everything fast to find out the cost of your Master Class. My first reaction: “Not again! Here I go again- throwing $$ at the problem”. Later, I went back & started reading the emails & your answers. I felt like I was getting helped already. I deleted several obsessive journals from my phone! Including My daily log of protein & calorie intake, etc. (have been working with a fitness coach recently) I thought that if I paid someone to email me daily to correct what I am doing wrong, I would lose weight! 1.5 yrs ago, I went on a very restricted clean eating diet- for almost 3 wks. (Including attending 5 wks of classes) I physically felt better, but after a trip to Hawaii, I have yet to get motivated to go back on it. Since then, I have gained 20#. I am now 120# overweight. Life is getting very difficult at this weight. I am afraid you are going to tell me that you can’t help me. But I decided to be fearless & write to you anyway.

    1. Hi Shannon, I’m SO glad you reached out!! It’s an honor to help you already, and I’m so glad the videos were helpful — wooohooo for deleting those food journals!! It sounds like you’re a really great candidate for this work — but if you want to talk more about whether or not I can help, email me at and we can figure it out! Excited to meet you! It sounds like you’re in the right place 🙂

  31. I wanted to take time and thank you, Isabel, for the wonderful videos. I already felt regaining some sanity just by taking in the attitude you represent and letting it befriend the attitude I’ve been harboring shyly somewhere deep inside. Also, lately I’ve had more struggles with anxiety and food and after watching your videos and letting myself believe you might be right and therefore I might be right I have managed to keep myself in balance and be able to eat AND live both in the same lifetime.

    The following is gonna be humorous so it shouldn’t be taken seriously in case I don’t manage to effectively express that charming coquetry of mine.

    I thought how it would be to tell other people about my thoughts around food. When you mentioned thinking about that one healthy-minded individual, I realized I don’t know anyone. There are, of course, people who wouldn’t binge eat and maintain healthy weight but everyone has some kind of emotional attitude around food that signalizes a wound. Someone is scared of death or of illness, someone is afraid they would not be needed if they don’t cook, someone is unable to face loneliness and eats out all the time even if it is in the company of restaurant staff. And so on.

    However, when I thought about the conversation, I realized it might not be so easy because people get aggressive or defensive around things they are vulnerable at.

    I would say – So, you know, relax, it’s okay, you’re fine. There is this great … here I would tell about the attitude you and I represent ….
    They would say – Oh, come on, it’s not like that at all, how in the name of the good heavens you can think it is like that when it clearly isn’t because it is just so far more accepted to think in derogatory and desperate way about yourself and everyone and when someone says someone is okay and nobody is evil and there doesn’t have to be a big fight with lots of angels crying blood and such, it just sounds so silly.
    I would say – well, I don’t think so, I think I am…. (nervous giggle)… just fine and dandy (taking a bite off my not-so-salady-snack). Yeah.
    They would say – Well, this is a liberal world, to each their own. If you think you’re fine, you have the basic human right to think so. I will wait until I can read some other theory that I feel more comfortable around because it might even say I am inherently dumb! or pre-destined to be miserable! or something else that sounds so soothingly familiar and could effectively occupy my brain and divert it from pain.
    I would remaster my determination – But Isabel thinks so, too.
    They would ask – Isabel who?

    Here it would be very nice if you had been addmitted to Harvard Med School and then left because they realized you were too smart for them and there was nothing they could teach you so you left to live in Tibet because you realized you knew everything about the material you so also had to master the immaterial and now you are some kind of a spiritual leader, too, but not in a phony way because you wear jackets. It wouldn’t be bad if you also had a husband who was an astronaut and master-chef and a baby girl who had discovered an alien civilization in a faraway galaxy.

    I decide to try to beat them at their own game – Oh, you don’t know Isabel? Isabel Foxen Duke (luckily you have a very very impressive name that sounds both aristocratic and flirty). Wow. Okay…. Well. She’s this lady, she’s like everywhere now. Like, everyone’s subscribing.
    They would say – Oh, no, no, I knew her, I thought you were speaking of another Isabel. That’s just hilarious. Hahaha.
    I would say – Yes. Hahaha. She’s so cool. So cool, man. Isabel. Foxen. Duke.
    They would say – Yeah. She is.

    On a more serious note, I’m too old to try to change others through conversations like that but it was fun to imagine.

    Thank you, Isabel.

    1. Ahhh thank you Ieva and apologies for the delayed response! I’m so glad you found this work (I think a lot of people need it!) and thanks for all your incredibly thoughtful compliments (including of my name!) You’re awesome and I’m so glad you’re here! Hope to keep in touch via email! xoxox iz

    1. Hi Lauren! So glad you’re interested in the Master Class! The 2015 class is closed for registration, but I do hope to see you in class next year! In the meantime, keep reading emails and staying in touch. Excited to meet you! xo Isabel

  32. I’m 29. I have battled food since I was a child. My mother was obsessed with food and staying thin and looking beautiful. My big jewish family also revolve their whole culture around food so I learnt that food is love… but also if your sad, angry or stressed, its time to eat too. And my grandparents are holocaust survivors so they really had a crazy survival thing around food too… Ok, enough blame outside myself. I know this is my own thinking issue. I also was sick with digestive issues since I was 9 years old and have battled health issues ever since. I am not obsessed with calories or weight loss that much (like I was when I was in my early teens). The last 10 years I have been more fearful of food that will hurt my stomach or make me sick. Eg. fear of eating dairy or gluten and then going and binging on it and feeling more guilty and so ashamed that I want to hide away from the world. I have also pushed away and avoided romantic relationships because I didnt want to let ppl into my food drama as binges often make me so sick that i can’t think or function. I have tried everything including overeaters anonymous to thousands of holistics healers. I meditate every day and do endless “self work”, but still feel separate and alone when ordering 4 plates of food at a restaurant and then going to eat a whole box of cereal standing up in the supermarket etc! Can you help me? xx

    1. Hmmm it sounds like you’re struggling with some serious moralizing of food and food behaviors (which OA, and much of the holistic health world, does not help…). The degree to which we give food power (and believe it is powerful), is the degree to which food will have power over us. More on this to come, but it sounds like you’re in the right place…keep reading emails. xo Isabel

  33. This is totally me…. for over 40 years! In a quick clear, and concise way, you have just nailed ME! There’s GOT to be something about what you’re saying, so I’m really Looking forward to your other videos. Thanks Isabel!

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